A-level History

This is the golden question – is it the study of the past?  Is it understanding why we are here?  Is it understanding why events have happened?

The answer is far simpler.  We are history. Everything we do, everything that happens every day is part of and defined by history.

So why wouldn’t you want to know more?   Studying History provides opportunities to engage with ideas, societies and people that existed centuries ago and sometimes merely decades ago.  In short, history is an opportunity.  An opportunity to better understand the society you inhabit and the reasons for it.

Why study History?

Studying this fascinating subject provides the perfect opportunity to learn how to research, evaluate, debate, think critically, present ideas clearly and structure extended pieces of writing. These critical and sought-after skills are what university admissions tutors most desire. History is considered to be in the top 5 most respected A-level qualifications when applying at university, particularly at Russell Group

To study at Cowley Sixth Form College, you must have achieved a minimum of five GCSEs or equivalent, graded 9 – 4, across four separate subjects, including GCSE Mathematics and English Language.

In addition, a positive college interview is required.

The Tudors, England, 1485-1603 | 40%
Democracy and Nazism, Germany, 1918-1945 | 40%

Causes of World War One | 20%

An A-level in History will open doors to professions such as: law, journalism, market research, politics, business management, project management, teaching, conservation and administration. This is truly endless.

History gives you an incredible opportunity to develop some of the most sought-after skills in employment industries everywhere. The ability to selfregulate, research, debate and present are all transferable skills that apply in any industry.

The content covered is both engaging and diverse and the teachers are very dedicated to the students.

I have enjoyed learning about Henry VII because it is interesting to learn how he became successful.

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