Student Performance and Development Tutors

All students will have an Student Performance and Development Tutor (SPDT) who will closely monitor their academic progress, and encourage them to achieve their potential throughout their time at college.

Their SPDT is the one person who will have an overview of their academic and personal development and ensure that they are on track. The care they receive will ensure that they feel supported to face the challenges they experience in this critical time of their life.

The role of the SPDT is central to everything students do. Their SPDT will be there to guide them through their course and is the key person who will really get to know them whilst at college.

In many ways, their SPDT will be the professional and critical friend who is their first line of support. They will have a range of informal and formal conversations with their SPDT, including weekly group tutorials and regular one-to-one sessions as part of the college progress monitoring process. As part of the monitoring process, your daughter/son’s SPDT will create an action plan including targets for your son/daughter to complete. This will be posted home to you at the relevant point in the academic year.

We want every single student to succeed and we will go the extra mile to get them where they want to be. It is a partnership and we will work as a team.

Year 12

Mr Bate
Miss Williams
Miss Marwick
Mr Lilley
Miss Hulme
Mrs Quinney
Miss Radford
Mrs Wilde

Year 13

Miss Hoult
Mr Raines
Miss Mather
Miss Smart
Mr McKeown