A-level Photography

Photography is about using the camera as a creative tool to record the world around you.

Developing an excellent understanding of composition is the foundation for all photography; you will develop your own great sense of style and self expression that will engage any audience.

Why study Photography?

Photography develops a wide range of analytical, critical thinking and problem solving skills, which will be useful at university and in future careers.

Being a creative and hands-on subject, Photography will complement other subjects you choose to study at Sixth Form.

To study at Cowley Sixth Form College, you must have achieved a minimum of five GCSEs or equivalent, graded 9 – 4, across four separate subjects, including GCSE Mathematics and English Language.

Students do not need to have any previous experience of photography, but a strong interest in the subject is absolutely essential.

This course is currently assessed from students’ portfolio only.

Students could go on to Higher Education to study Journalism, Photography, Film or Animation at university and colleges in the UK and abroad.

Alternatively, work from photography portfolios could be used as part of the application process to art and/or design courses.

Photography is a very interesting subject as it allows you to capture specific moments and memories in a picture.

One of the most interesting topics we’ve covered is photography through the ages and looking at the aesthetics from different decades and how things have changed.

Photography student