A-level Law

Through studying A-level Law you will learn about how laws are made, how the criminal justice system works in England and how to work out whether someone is criminally liable for a particular offence.

In addition, you will learn about other less familiar aspects of law, such as why our society feels that the rights of a trespasser should be protected.

Why study Law?

As well as helping you to wrestle with some of society’s big questions, the application of the Law to the facts of scenarios will develop your analytical and problem-solving skills.

Study of the moral and ethical aspects of Law will teach you to construct balanced arguments and present them logically and coherently. These skills will provide excellent preparation for progression to degree level study, the workplace and everyday life.

To study at Cowley Sixth Form College, you must have achieved a minimum of five GCSEs or equivalent, graded 9 – 4, across four separate subjects, including GCSE Mathematics and English Language.

In addition, a positive college interview is required.

Students will sit three examinations at the end of the course.

Whether progressing on to university to study Law or any other subject, Law at A-level will give you a head start on some of the skills and knowledge you will need.

I enjoy studying Law because we are able to identify the key points of law, discuss them and evaluate them. The subject is engaging and what I enjoy most is finding and using cases to form an argument.

Cowley Sixth Form has a friendly atmosphere and all the teachers go above and beyond to help you.

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