A-level Further Mathematics

A-level Further Mathematics provides a great opportunity for enthusiastic and capable mathematicians to broaden and deepen their subject knowledge.

Further Mathematics is taken in addition to A-level Mathematics.

Why study Further Mathematics?

A-level Further Mathematics is fun and rewarding. It broadens your mathematical skills and promotes deeper mathematical thinking.

You will be introduced to interesting new areas of pure mathematics such as complex numbers and will start to see real beauty in mathematics and be able to apply it to a range of real-world problems.

To study at Cowley Sixth Form College, you must have achieved a minimum of five GCSEs or equivalent, graded 9 – 4, across four separate subjects, including GCSE Mathematics and English Language.

In addition, a positive college interview is required.

In addition, a grade 7 or above in GCSE Mathematics is required.

Students studying this subject must also study A-level Mathematics.

4 exam papers:
Paper 1 – Pure Core 1
Paper 2 – Pure Core 2
Paper 3 – Statistics
Paper 4 – Discrete Maths

All papers are equally weighted and worth 25% each. This means that overall, Pure Core = 50%, Statistics = 25% and Discrete Maths = 25%.

According to the Russell Group, A-level Further Mathematics is an essential or useful A-level subject for the following careers and degree choices: Biochemistry, Biomedical Sciences, Dentistry, Mechanical Engineering, Medicine and Veterinary Science.

Having enjoyed Maths at GCSE, I wanted to push myself further and do Further Maths. It is a challenging subject but it makes me think about things more.

You get to work closely with the teachers and Cowley Sixth Form is a friendly and supportive environment which makes it a good place to learn.

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