Pupil Behaviour and Wellbeing Committee

Mr R Foster (Chair)
Mrs J Kellett (Vice Chair)
Mr G Anders
Mrs M Bellis
Mr R Cormack
Ms A Farrell
Mrs S Hill
Mr J Hunt
Mr K Van Der Laan
Mrs K Joinson (Clerk)

(a) The committee shall comprise of not less than four Governors.
(b) The committee shall have such associate non-voting members as is thought appropriate.
Election of Chair and Vice Chair:
The committee shall elect a chair and vice chair at its first meeting of the academic year.

The quorum shall be three Governors.

The committee shall meet at least termly.

The minutes shall be taken by a designated clerk.

Review of Terms of Reference:
The Terms of Reference shall be reviewed annually by the full Governing Body.

Delegated responsibilities of the committee:
(i) Seek assurance from the college management that the full Governing Body (FGB) has all necessary student behaviour and safety related policies to meet statutory and local requirements.
(ii) Where delegation has been agreed by the FGB, approve and review the effectiveness of statutory policies, plans and procedures relating to student behaviour and safety related matters:
• Safeguarding policy incorporating child protection procedures.
• Children with health needs who cannot attend school
• Designated teacher for looked after and previously looked after children
• Supporting pupils with medical conditions
• Relationships, sex and health education (RSHE) policy
• Home College Agreement
• Behaviour policy
• Written statement of behaviour principles included in the behaviour policy
• School exclusion policy
• Anti-bullying policy
(iii) Where requested by the FGB, review the effectiveness of non-statutory policies, plans and procedures relating to student behaviour and safety related matters.
(iv) Where requested by the FGB, recommend for approval following consideration of the effectiveness of student behaviour and safety related Local Authority policies.
(iv) Consider and advise the FGB on standards and other matters relating to student behaviour and safety, including any statutory requirements delegated to the committee:
• Attendance
• Bullying
• E-safety
• Drug education
• Physical and mental health
• Emotional wellbeing
• Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education
• British Values
• Harmful sexual behaviour
• Alternative Provision
• Part time timetables
• Enrichment