A-level French / German / Spanish

Students will study highlights of the target language country’s artistic culture, including music and cinema, and learn about political engagement. Students also explore the influence of the past on present-day target language communities.

Why study French/German/Spanish?

Learning a language is a long term investment – an asset to adult life.

English is a global language, but in fact, only about 6% of the world’s population are native English speakers and an estimated 75% do not speak English at all.

To study at Cowley Sixth Form College, you must have achieved a minimum of five GCSEs or equivalent, graded 9 – 4, across four separate subjects, including GCSE Mathematics and English Language.

In addition, a positive college interview is required.

In addition, a grade 5 or above at GCSE in the language to be studied is required.

100% Final exams in Year 13.

Paper 1 – Listening, Reading, Writing (50%)

Paper 2 – Writing (essay on literary text or film studied) (20%)

Paper 3 – Speaking (30%)

Apart from being beneficial on a personal level, an A-level in a language is useful in many career paths and will improve your employability.

Students find that MFL is a natural fit with many other subjects, enabling them to use their skills and qualifications to access career opportunities at home and abroad.

I am considering a career in languages because I enjoy learning about cultures in other countries.

German is a broad subject, not just exploring the language but the culture and society and we enjoy discussions about literature, history and film.

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